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My Ultimate Island Experience

The Island... Ahhhh!  Insightful, inspiring, relaxing, and enjoyable. The island was a really great module for me. I have been a bit more busy than I usually am, but the island tested my ability to balance, prioritize and plan effectively. It gave a really good chance to re-energize and boost myself every single day and allowed simply sit back and appreciate the simple things! 
Challenge I: 'Focus' I always considered exploring my island Dominica a bit more, in an effort to simply relax and meditate. I planned a tour with some of my friends and we journeyed almost across the entire island visiting some of the most pristine natural sites. On that tour, I spent most of my time alone, just focusing, observing, reflecting and appreciating every little sparkle of nature around me; the trees, the animals, the water, the paradise! I took this time to lay out and strategize a few of my long-term plans. I realized, that this gave me a really great level of self-care to truly understan…