My Ultimate Island Experience

The Island... Ahhhh!  Insightful, inspiring, relaxing, and enjoyable. The island was a really great module for me. I have been a bit more busy than I usually am, but the island tested my ability to balance, prioritize and plan effectively. It gave a really good chance to re-energize and boost myself every single day and allowed simply sit back and appreciate the simple things! 
Challenge I: 'Focus' I always considered exploring my island Dominica a bit more, in an effort to simply relax and meditate. I planned a tour with some of my friends and we journeyed almost across the entire island visiting some of the most pristine natural sites. On that tour, I spent most of my time alone, just focusing, observing, reflecting and appreciating every little sparkle of nature around me; the trees, the animals, the water, the paradise! I took this time to lay out and strategize a few of my long-term plans. I realized, that this gave me a really great level of self-care to truly understan…

Combining perspectives!

A conflict I had with a friend recently:
The present value of education (degrees). He was trying to convince me that since everyone has a degree, it is becoming less important. However, I made a counter argument by pointing out how rare degrees were in the past and that the increased access to education is not devaluing degrees.
My perspective:
Even if everyone has access to education and obtain degrees, does not mean the value decreases or they (the degrees) become less significant.
His perspective:

Values and Conflict- Cross over of beliefs

Cross over of beliefs- 
"Everyone should be free, comfortable, happy, and treated fairly." -LJ.

My Beliefs Their (alternate) Beliefs
Discrimination should be prohibited, whether direct, indirect or it is based on a person’s actual or perceived sexual orientation.

People have the right to express how they feel about something they don’t feel comfortable with, whenever they feel like. Sexuality can be toward the same, opposite or both sexes- it is all about one’s choice.
We should only be attracted to th

Competing Beliefs; My Beliefs vs. Their Beliefs- Volunteering

These beliefs were clearly related to volunteerism, the qualities one must possess and how we see ourselves when helping others. I believe that we actually have a choice as to whether or not we want to volunteer in whatever capacity possible, however someone expressed that we have no choice and we must do it. 
Also, the main important aspects of my life differed from that of the other individual to some extent.
Our beliefs intertwined where we both share the view that we all can and should have the urge to love unconditionally, and our most valuable asset is ourselves, but only if the person or people prove to appreciate you.
My beliefs Their (alternate) beliefs I think every individual volunteers in response to our own values and beliefs; we have a choice. Volunteering should; everyone should do it. The five main important aspects of my life: - genuine happiness -success -positivity -family (friends and mentors) -education Their five main aspects are: -food -relationships -family -mo…

Field Work!

Project: Global Youth Day (in my community) - This was a project organised by a church in the community, in collaboration with the Golden Opportunities Foundation. We assisted in the planning, donated cookies and cupcakes, and went out doing health checks and other activities with community members.

Always important Sometimes important Rarely important Never important