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Golden Opportunities For All (G.O.F.A)

Shine. Aspire. Dareto Inspire!MissionStatement: "We strive to empower, educate and support underprivileged youth in the Caribbean, by creating vibrant and positive individuals, communities and society!" -Lakeyia Joseph- ©
• Our Cause- Who? What? Where?: 
Our main purpose is to shape stronger individuals, neighborhoods, communities and countries by empowering and educating the youth to overcome their challenges and arming them with the opportunities they need to excel and succeed. • Our Actions- What we do and how:
Our work is about dedicated service and volunteerism by gathering and donating necessities such as food, clothing and school supplies, providing emotional and psychological support and carrying out projects and programs for the underprivileged and vulnerable individuals, especially the children and young adults in the communities.
We feel that every young person has a valuable and important leverage point in this mission. • Our Impact- Changes for the bett…

Thinking Ahead!

MAKINGADIFFERENCE! Our ambitions and plans change as wee grow and so we may become more realistic or our priorities might change.
Here is a timeline plotted for Golden Opportunities For All: Past:
2014- recognized that the children in my community had a significant need for clothes, shoes, food and stationery supplies. As a result, I thought long and hard on how I could assist.
• Later that year- I started emptying my closet, made small packages with food and other supplies, then gave them out to a few of the children. 2015- made the largest donation after Tropical Storm Erika ravaged our island. I gathered all the supplies I could, got a significant number of donors and went out into the affected areas to get items to them. 2016- donated care packages and essential items to an elderly home and homeless shelter.
• Assisted in the construction of a residential home for a family of 6.
• Started a Community Enhancement Project (as the Community Service Director). 2017- named official…